Workout Videos


Upper Body

Lower Body + Core

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Lower Body (September 3)

Lower body 30 minutes

EMOM: 5 minutes

5 swings

5 squats

5 Burpees


Lateral lunges (alt)

Sumo squats

Sit ups- wtd

Reverse lunges


Russian twists

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Live Lower Body (August 26)

Only Need a Workout Band

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Ladder Lower Body (August 14)

Ladder Lower Body

-Complete as many rounds as you can in 90 seconds

Core Work (5-8-10-8-5)

Those numbers represent the amounts of reps you complete for each round

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Lower Body (August 6)

Single arm Swing


R side squat

Single Arm swing


L side squat

Hamstring pulses

Sit ups with bench

Dead lift

Step ups R w/ weight + lunge back

Step ups L w/ weight + lunge back

Low Ab Raises

Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 9.55.40 AM.png

Core: July 2

Weighted Sit up with a straight leg raise and twist at the top (Right and Left Leg: 10 total)

Weighted Sit up with a press at the top with the alternate: 10 side each

Low ab raises with straight arms

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Core: Planks Around The World

Core Work: 10, 15, 20 seconds per plank

Plank around the world

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Core: June 25

Repeat this finisher as many times as needed:

5-Minute Core Recording; 15 sec per (30 sec rest) x2

Plank and Reach


R Side Plank Hip Dip

L Side Plank Hip Dip

Runners Crunch

Boat Hold



Yoga + Stretches