Laura Clapps

Spin Instructor

Growing up I was never particularly interested in any kind of group or structured exercise program. I didn’t play a team sport and my only exercise came from gym class in school and an occasional bike ride outside. One day, after I graduated from college and was living in Atlanta, I walked past a small store front aerobic studio and though that I should check out what was going on. I tried a few classes, not because I wanted to become “fit”, but the people inside were having fun. I was instantly hooked. About a year later I moved to New York State, got certified and so my career began - that was 25 years ago! Since then I’ve taught most standard group classes: high/low aerobics, step, body sculpting class and now focusing on lifting and cycling. My husband and I moved to Tabernacle in ’92 and I can’t imagine a better place to live and raise a family. We enjoy local produce, schools, and of course proximity to the beach as well as the big cities (Philly & NY). We are raising two teenage daughters with my oldest off to college in the fall. As you can imagine I have been helping them understand the importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I’ve found that I love to help people realize that exercise can improve lives. Whatever the reason may be for coming to the gym, I hope that I can make a difference in someone’s life by providing motivation, coaching, and good instruction as they navigate the exercise world.