Kellie Balkus

TRX Instructor

My name is Kellie. I've been a full time high school science teacher for 20 years. I'm Medford Lakes local. A wife. A mom. A dog mom to 3 crazy pups. A small business owner, creating handmade goods and restoring vintage finds through my local business Made In The Pines.

My formal training was originally with Polestar Pilates for Reformer I, II, and III. I'm also trained through Balanced Body for CoreAlign and through TRX for group fitness classes. I taught Pilates Reformer, CoreAlign, and TRX group fitness classes and private lessons to clients all across Burlington County from ages 16 to 85, at every level of fitness (from high school athletes looking to up their game, people just starting their fitness journey, new mamas looking to regain their pelvic floor, spouses interested in couples workouts, and everything in between). For 7 years I taught classes and private lessons, establishing myself at several local studios until I took a break (a long break) after having my son. But, I AM BACK!

I came across Pilates Reformer by chance through an online search back in 2005 after reading how Jennifer Aniston was doing Pilates Reformer. I began weekly lessons and although frustrated at first by the complexity of the Reformer I was hooked. For me, I found pairing the Reformer and TRX was the ultimate mind/body connection that strengthened and toned my body while engaging my core with low impact on my joints. It relieved stress, gave me confidence, strengthened small muscle groups to support and make my larger muscle groups more effective, taught me safe form for any type of day-to-day movement or sport, and it gave me an hour to myself to focus on nothing else but the challenge at hand. Today, this method is used by professional athletes, celebrities, PT patients, and countless others who have grown to love the Reformer for its many benefits.

I have always been passionate about Pilates Reformer and TRX and the benefits these methods bring to your spine, your body, your core, and your mind. I love sharing this passion with my clients and I cannot wait to share it with you, whether it be on the Pilates Reformer or rocking out the TRX during one of my group fitness classes. Join me for a better spine, better movement, increased strength, and some fun!