Kellie Aguilar

Spin Instructor

Hi, my name is Kellie Aguilar. I am a color specialist at Suede Salon & Spa. I am also a wife and mother of two amazing boys! My husband and I met at a boxing-style gym before there were many females in that training environment. Our mutual love for fitness brought us together instantly. Training together in boxing & JuJitsu opened my eyes to female empowerment through working out. Shortly after that, Spin came into my life and I was hooked! When my favorite Spin instructor moved to Vegas, I knew that I needed to start teaching. I wanted to use Spin to provide others with the ultimate mind & body workout experience. For me, Spin is about tapping into a mental toughness that helps you break through barriers and unlock your full potential in everything you do. The music is so important for inspiration, at times it can be truly life changing.

Fitness has been part of my like since I was 8 years old & my goal is to motivate each and every rider to push themselves a little bit further each time they Spin. Small changes each class will help you become the best version of yourself!!!