Deb Duears

Spin Instructor

I am married and have a son in college. I have been living in Medford Lakes for 18 years. Growing up, I was overweight and that continued well into my 20’s. When I had my son I was 250 pounds and just downright miserable. I mean I was thrilled to be a new mother, but not at all with myself. I wasn’t a member of a gym, so I started running. I ran everyday - rain, sleet, snow, heat, and sometimes I caught a break with some good weather. Soon I joined a gym and all good things began happening. I have many races under my belt; as well as 3 marathons (including Boston)!! Spin surfaced at my gym around this time. I thought it would be a great partnership along with the running. I loved it so much I became a certified instructor. I have been teaching for 8 years and absolutely love it!! Music is an amazing motivator with respect to both running and spinning. I make sure that there is something for everyone. In my classes you can expect to hear anything from Bruce Springsteen and The Who, to Pitbull and Pink. My classes are a music pumping, heart pounding, cardio blasting, sweat producing good time. Get ready to get VICIOUS!