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Darawan Khonvay


Hey! I am a graduate of Rowan university, here I learned how to not only build health & fitness programs to ensure the success of those training, but also how to make the journey to a healthier fit lifestyle fun and exciting. I believe that being healthier isn’t just about looking better, but also feeling better mentally and physically. Mindset is everything, I want you leaving the sessions feeling reenergized and refreshed knowing you worked hard and you are on the road to a better and healthier life.

My background in sports and training comes from track & field, basketball, yoga, martial arts, and football. I have also worked with many different population groups such as kids, teens, adults, and elderly so don’t be afraid to talk me. I am here to help you on the path to growth. I am no stranger to challenges and I hope you aren’t either. I aim to inspire you and everyone in the group to be the best they can be. So let’s motivate each other and start this journey. See you soon!