Bonnie Lundblad

Spin Instructor

I began my love of "All Things Spin" 15 years ago when a friend bought me a gift certificate for 3 spin classes. By ride #2, I was hooked!!! After 3 years of spending lots of time on an indoor bike, I took the plunge and became an instructor. The Mind/Body connection has taught me that I can achieve anything I want. Perseverance is the key!!! Over the years, my teaching style has evolved, but one thing remains constant. My goal is to inspire every rider so that they too will enjoy riding as much as I do. There is a great feeling of accomplishment after a tough ride is completed, not to mention, sweating it out with a group and achieving personal goals. In my rides we may run---on a flat or up that hill. Do a climb to the top of the hill. Push a steady, quick pace to get close to anerobic state. I do it to a variety of music ranging anywhere from some classic rock, Lady Gaga, BEP, Springsteen, Guns N Roses, Foo Fighters, Linkin Park, Kid Rock, White Stripes.... all the way to current hits. One thing is for sure when we are done, YOU WILL feel accomplished!!

I have lived in NJ for over 25 years, but riders will still pick up my Midwest "twang" and say, "you are not from around here". That is my Michigan accent. Finally, my mantra is anything worth doing, is worth doing WELL. LET'S RIDE!!!