Strength Training

Strength Training Classes

This class is lead by a Certified Personal Trainer. We focus on full body exercises that are going to help you create more lean muscle, tone up, improve posture, and lose weight. How is this different from Personal Training? It is a “group” training session. We ALWAYS focus on form! Proper form, yields better results and prevents injuries. We typically time the exercises vs counting reps.

  • Max is 8 clients per class

  • 45 minute classes

Small Group Training 

This class is also run by a Certified Personal Trainer. The biggest difference between Small Group and the Strength Training Class is that we only allow 4 clients per session. This allows us to focus more on the group’s individual goals. We are able to challenge you in different ways, because of the relationship that you are able to build within a smaller group.

  • Max is 4 clients per session

  • 45 minute session

Private Personal Training 

This can be for anyone! The private training session is all about YOU !! Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, focusing on recovering from an injury, or just need some extra attention to your form to better prepare you for Strength Training Class and/or Small Group Training.

  • One-on-One

  • 45 minute session

  • Needs to be booked through the studio. ** Time slots are limited **