Hear what our clients have to say!

Janine M.

Vicious Cycle has been a great experience and life changer for me.

All of the instructors of classes that I have taken are knowledgeable, helpful, and motivating with a variety of classes to choose from.

My husband noticed a difference in me after the first week, and now that it has been a few months, I can truly say joining this facility is the best thing I could have done for myself and my family.

Vicious Cycle is a place where you can work out comfortably regardless of your level and you will be challenged!

I'm happy to say I am getting stronger every day and approaching the best shape of my life, again!

Thank you Vicious Cycle!!


Kelley G.

I've only been spinning for a few months and I'm absolutely obsessed with The Vicious Cycle. I love the studio, instructors, and class times. It's such an addicting atmosphere and keeps me going back time and time again.


Rita D.

Vicious Cycle was a Godsend during the pandemic shutdown. As soon as allowed, Allison moved the studio’s activities outside. Everything operated safely and well. It was a major boost to my mental and physical health, and so deeply appreciated.

Vicious Cycle is well run, carefully managed, and top notch all the way.