Your Vicious Questions Answered

What do I need for class?

  • We highly recommend wearing comfortable, supportive shoes no matter what activity you're doing.
  • Additionally, staying hydrated is KEY, so make sure you bring a water bottle. We have water jugs here in case you run low but make sure you at least have your bottle with you!
  • Lastly, make sure you wear breathable clothes! During the cooler seasons, we suggest wearing layers so you can stay warm until you get moving in class!

What classes do you offer?

  • We currently offer the below classes:
  • -Strength training (total body, circuit training style)
  • -Spin (45 min rides to the beat of songs)
  • -Spin + Strength (part spinning, part strength off the bike in the same room)
  • -Spin + Stretch (part spinning, part yoga off the bike in the same room)
  • -Barre
  • -TRX
  • -Kickboxing
  • -Yoga
  • -Pilates
  • -Small group training
  • -Personal Training
  • -Zoom Virtual Training

What classes do you suggest for beginners?

  • Honestly, all of our classes are beginner-friendly. Our instructors have a great deal of experience in the field and can easily modify or progress exercises based on your level. We just ask that if you are new, introduce yourself to the instructor at the beginning of class so we can ensure you are set up, feeling comfortable and able to accommodate any requests you may have.

What's the difference between the 3 studios?

  • Studio 1 is mainly used for private and small group training! It fits up to 8 people and has TRX straps, cable machines, free weights and bands.
  • Studio 2 is our Spin room, which hosts up to 18 members. Our bikes are positioned 6 ft apart to account for social distancing.
  • Studio 3 is our new addition! This is a studio is for our large-group strength, barre and yoga classes. Studio 3 can hold up to 12 people. With squat racks, turf, battle ropes and more this is where the magic happens!

What is an ideal workout schedule you suggest?

We suggest doing 3 days of cardio (any spin class or kickboxing), 2 days of strength (strength training or TRX) and 1 active recovery day (yoga, barre or Pilates).

What type of packages or membership options do you offer beyond the Intro Pack?

Once you've used up your Intro Pack, we have 5 or 10 class-pack options or unlimited monthly membership options!

What kind of shoes do I need for spin?

Our bikes are SPD compatible as well as suitable for sneakers, so it's up to you what you want to wear!

Do you rent spin shoes?

Unfortunately, no we do not!

Can I reserve a bike ahead of time?

Our spin classes are first come, first serve so be sure to get to class a little early to get the bike you want.

Do you offer nutrition help?

Yes! We have a Registered Dietitian on staff that you can meet with on an appointment basis.