Stephany Catalano

Trainer + Spin Instructor

Hi everyone! My name is Stephany! I am a new resident to the South Jersey area. I was born and raised in Atlantic Highlands, just a mile from Sandy Hook. I am a lover of nature, animals, and all things outdoorsy. As a former gymnast, fitness has always been a part of my life. I graduated college from Stockton University with a degree in Communication Studies, hoping to pursue a career in Public Relations. As I have gotten older I realized PR was not my passion, so I started to take part in more things that I love, like children and fitness. I became a nanny for a great family and went to get certified as a Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor.

I started teaching group fitness classes a year ago. Anything from core to body sculpt, stretch, total body strength and boot camp. Spin came soon after. I started teaching spin about a year ago at Eastpointe Health and Fitness, back in my home town, Atlantic Highlands.

Spin wasn't always my thing! Let's just say we had a love/hate relationship. It's a great workout but at the same time, it can be very challenging and I didn't enjoy first. Now, I love spin! I love providing a great class for clients, I love getting my own butt kicked. I want you to say "that class was so hard, I feel like I'm dying!" (Not literally!) I can't wait to come back! For me, spin gives me a euphoric feeling; mind, body, and soul. I love to take other instructors classes, I love to teach! I miss spinning when I'm off the bike.

Please come join me for a ride! The background vocals you hear...That's just me singing in class!