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divider2       417 Stokes Rd. Unit D.  | Medford, NJ.

Welcome Spin: 3rd Saturday of every month at 11 AM.

Unlimited Rides for 7 days

Getting Started

Tips to get you started.


Call the Studio for more information. 609-953-SPIN (7746)
Premier Indoor Cycling Studio


  • Expect to burn 600-800 calories during a single vicious ride at an average speed of 85-115 rpm’s (equivalent to a 20-25 mile outdoor road trip!)
  • All cycles can be adjusted to varied resistances - the goal is to simulate changing terrain conditions during your ride as well as accommodating different fitness levels.
  • High energy music playlists are the key to class motivation - riders push harder to reach top speeds and endurance goals.
  • The coach’s goal is to positively encourage every rider to maximize his/her own training efforts - regardless of fitness level, the rider ultimately determines his/her work output.



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